“We have the best guests in world,” says the Inn’s co-owner Loretta Hoagland. “They’re here to have a good time, and we do everything we can to work as much fun into their stay as possible.”

Our Amazing Staff

“Our managers can print maps, menus, and tide charts. We make restaurant reservations, coordinate dune buggy reservations, horseback rides, or airplane rides. We even organize golf foursomes! The goal is to act like a big-time hotel concierge service,” she explains.

“Our staff know all the great hikes. They great stops for families or business travelers on the coast. We will research anything down to what each local restaurant has on special tonight,” she adds.

The staff holds competitions for cleanest rooms, quickest turnarounds, and is rewarded for the most comment cards. Management will not release a room for use until they personally inspect it thoroughly. Management goes so far as to get down on their hands and knees with a flashlight to check under beds and chairs, and behind dressers and armoires.

“We have the best housekeeping staff on the coast,” says Hoagland. “We all work as a team. Taking suggestions from our staff improves a guest’s experience. Deciding which way to face the open end of the pillowcase and checking a room before the guest leaves the parking lot matters. We’ve reunited a lot of guests with their cell phones and chargers even before they knew they were missing.”

The Inn has become a destination stop of its own for business travelers and families.

In mid-2013 Hoagland Properties completed nearly three-quarters of a million dollars in upgrades between the River House Inn, and its sister property the Old Town Inn. The properties got new in-room furnishings, granite countertops, sound-deadening carpeting, and new beds. All rooms have microwaves and refrigerators.

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