Ask any avid birdwatcher in this area why they love birding and they’ll most likely tell you that their passion for birds was honed in the great outdoors of Oregon’s central coast. A few hours spent birding along the coast will refill your energy tank and renew your connection to the natural world. Here’s how taking the time to appreciate the birds of Oregon will become one of the highlights of your trip to the River House Inn.

It’s no surprise that bird lovers flock to birdwatching spots on the central coast. Oregon is known as a birding paradise. A spectacular variety of bird species graces our land during the year. Depending on the time of year, birdwatchers can spot bald eagles, snowy plovers, California brown pelicans, blue herons, white egrets, black cormorants, sandpipers, gulls, and songbirds among the many types of avians found along the shoreline near Florence.

Preparing to find birds of Oregon

Successful birdwatching takes a little bit of preparation. At the very least, you’ll want to do some research, so you know which birds live near Florence. To ensure you have a terrific time on your trip, make the following preparations:

       Bring binoculars- The chances are high that you’ll need the enhanced sight provided by a pair of binoculars. At the very least you’ll look like a birdwatcher if you invest in them. Read here for tips on buying the right pair of binoculars.

       Wear appropriate shoes- Get ready for long walks by slipping into the proper pair of shoes. Make it a point to research the terrain you’ll cover during your trip and match it with comfortable shoes.

       Have a field guide- Unless you’re a foremost expert on the birds of Oregon, you’re going to need a top-quality field guide. Along with helping you to identify birds, a field guide helps you to dive deep into all things bird related. If you’re going solo, check out these birding apps to become a high-tech birdwatcher.

       Know the rules- Always follow the National Birding Association Code of Birding Ethics to do your part in ensuring that bird habitats remain healthy and intact.

Tip: The Lane County Audubon Society sponsors bird walks throughout the area and is the go-to source of up-to-the-second local birding information. Check out their Facebook page here.

Top birdwatcher locations

Now that you’re ready to go birding, it’s time to figure out where you’ll look for birds. Although our coastal environment provides a year-round home to many birds, we also welcome an abundant number of temporary avian visitors during the spring and fall migrations. Expect to witness some beautiful birds in flight and on land and sea during your trip to Florence.

Put your binoculars in your day pack and head to one of these terrific birdwatching locations:

       Yachats- You’ll find gorgeous scenery and fantastic birding possibilities at Yachats. This birder’s must-do is approximately twenty-five miles north of Florence. Prime areas to explore include Smelt Sands State Recreation Site, Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site, and Yachats State Recreation Area. Examples of birds that you’re likely to see in Yachats include gulls, pelagic cormorants, brown pelicans, sandpipers, and scoters. You might even get lucky and spot the marbled murrelet.

       Siuslaw River Estuary- Estuaries are beneficial homes for many types of birds, and you’re sure to find a delightful array of birds at the Siuslaw River Estuary. This three-thousand-plus-acre estuary houses vast numbers of shorebirds in the spring and fall migration months.

      All of the local lakes (more than a dozen within a dozen miles) have great trails and secluded perches for your adventure.

Of course, you don’t need to go to a particular spot on the coast to see birds. A walk along the waterfront in Old Town Florence often yields a decent number of diverse bird sightings. There’s even a high chance that you’ll see birds from your balcony in the River House Inn.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your outdoor gear and a field guide and head to Florence for a few days of rest and fun on the central Oregon Coast. Channel your inner birdwatcher for a chance to view the birds of Oregon in their coastal habitats. We promise that your time spent observing the beauty of nature will refresh your spirit and make your visit complete.

We love our birds and are eager to help you plan your vacation in Florence. Make a reservation with us today to begin your birding adventure! Book directly through our website or front desk (call 888-824-2454) to save money and get the best, most accurate availability of rooms.

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