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Florence tops list of most attractive destinations in the US

Florence, Oregon ranked #1 most beautiful town in AmericaChloe Mulliner, a writer recently published by the travel website Expedia, went in search of America’s most beautiful towns and she found us, way out here on the edge of the continent!

She ranked 30 of the most beautiful towns in America. The article, published April 8, 2016, said that some places “stood our for their tranquil vistas, and others made an impression with their enchanting historic districts. Exquisite architecture, natural charm, and a little “je ne sais quoi’ earned these places a spot on the pretty list.” The article also noted some villages, larger cities, and some islands in the US.

But the number one is our humble little spot, as we like to say, “right in the middle of all the fun the Oregon Coast has to offer!”

Mulliner writes: “Everyone admires Oregon’s lush, green forests, but there’s certainly something alluring abouyt the state’s rugged coastline. Sand dunes and rolling waves border the western edge of Florence, an attractive waterfront town at the mouth of the Siuslaw River. The area is surrounded by scenic vistas, from the nation’s largest sea cave, packed with sea lions, to the aptly named hobbit trail, a tree-canopied hike reminiscent of Middle Earth.

Thank you, Chloe. You made an excellent choice; but we think you missed a few things. We understand about space limitations and word counts for articles like yours, but here are a few more things for those looking for additional details:

  • Views of where the forest and the dunes meet the beautiful Siuslaw River—visible from your private balcony at The River House Inn.
  • A quaint, historic old town district, of which The River House Inn, and our other property, The Old Town Inn, are a vital part.
  • An historic art deco drawbridge visible from you balcony and all over Old Town.
  • A dozen scenic lakes within a dozen miles.
  • Uncrowded beaches interrupted only by craggy rock outcroppings, freshwater streams, and fascinating tidal pools.
  • Amazing sunsets (and sunrises).
  • And an unparalleled combination of local horseback riding (trails and beaches), world‐class golf, sandboarding, kiteboarding, sand rail and dune buggy riding; and crabbing, fishing, and
  • About three‐dozen restaurants offering everything from well‐known franchise faire to fresh, locally‐sourced favorites, to locally‐caught seafood. There’s even some fun nightlife around

And, Chloe, that’s just the start.

Friends, there’s just too much to do in a day. Search the rest of our site and plan your stay‐and‐play adventure today. And when you come to Florence—America’s most beautiful town—be sure to stay
with us!


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