Our radio spots on KPNW, 1120 AM, and KODZ, 99.1 FM (95.3 FM in Florence), promote upcoming events. A one-year contract with Eugene radio stations aims to win new and more business to Florence.

Hoagland properties of Florence, Oregon, owners of The River House Inn and The Old Town Inn in Florence, are investing in long-term promotion of the Florence area on two key Eugene and Springfield area radio stations.

“The Florence area’s first and best source of tourism dollars is the Eugene and Springfield area. Anything we as businesses in Florence can do to win those dollars will help all of us,” says Gary Hoagland, president of Hoagland properties.

Every commercial starts with the invitation to “come, make it a day at the beach…or two.”

“We promote upcoming events at the Florence Events Center, Florence Area Chamber of Commerce events, the five-day weather forecast, and, of course, the River House Inn and the Old Town Inn with their proximity to all the fun Old Town shops, the Antique District, and great dining,” Hoagland explains.

Radio Spots Promoting the Best Parts of Florence

We also mention the other things to do in Florence, from romantic beach walks to storm watching and whale watching. ATV and horseback riding, boating, crabbing, and fishing, are just a few things that make Florence so fun.”

The 60-second commercial, recorded over the phone to sound like a live commercial, plays every Thursday morning during the eight o’clock hour on KPNW, 1120 AM, and KODZ, 99.1 FM (95.3 FM in Florence), reaching an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 adults.

“These are two of the top three stations for reaching adults aged 35-plus,” says Hoagland. “KPNW, a news and talk station, does very well with an upscale market. It reaches up and down I-5 and is highly ranked for our key customer demographic. KODZ, known as Kool 99.1, hits a similar demographic, but with music from the 60s to the 80s. As a bonus, KODZ is the number-two station for men and women 35 and up. It’s a top station all over Eugene and Springfield for at-work listening.”

Hoagland Upgrades A Helping Hand

[su_quote]“We see it as part of our civic duty to invite as many people to Florence as possible. We want to make Florence as attractive as possible when people arrive here. That’s one reason we invested so heavily in renovations to our two properties last year. We work so hard to make our properties look inviting.[/su_quote]

The Hoaglands invested nearly $750,000 in upgrades to rooms and the exteriors of both properties.

“For example, The River House Inn was just awarded ‘best curb appeal’ by the Florence Area Chamber of Commerce during its recent Siuslaw Business Awards event. The River House Inn is one of the first businesses people see when they come into Old Town. It is important to all of us to make the area as attractive as possible to our visitors,” says Hoagland.

“We are currently working with Travel Lane County and other lodging facilities in Florence to bring some new conferences to the Florence Events Center,” says Hoagland, a member of the Travel Lane County board of directors. “Yes, there is competition between us and other hotels, motels, and inns for tourist dollars, but we all do better when we make an effort to bring more people to town together.”

Be sure to contact River House Inn or Old Town Inn today to book a stay in beautiful Florence!

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