Live music in Florence?

Of course!

Great culture and concerts in Florence?

Believe it!

Yes, Florence attracts world-class performers and has a fantastic venue to do it. Top performances here in Florence on the Central Oregon Coast run the gamut of music, dance, theater, comedy, and variety.

And we’re within walking distance.

What Kind of Music?

From season to season, you can attend concerts that encompass many genres. Chamber music, Django gypsy-jazz, zydeco, classic crooners, European orchestras, authentic African and South American music, opera, ballet, jazz (including modern, classic, and smooth varieties), 20’s Gatsby hep cat, 30’s and 40’s big band swing, retro-deco rockabilly, Ameriachi, Americana, folk, bluegrass, and pop—you can find it all in Florence at different times of the year. Hundreds of nationally-touring acts have impressed audiences over the years! Some people even travel hundreds of miles to see these concerts.

Consider: simultaneous to when she was becoming a top talent on America’s Got Talent, Mandy Harvey, the famous pitch-perfect deaf singer, performed here. In recent years Florence audiences have enjoyed jazz legends like Spyro Gyra, world-touring Pink Martini, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, the Vienna Boys Choir, international crooner Ken Lavigne, and country stars David Frizzell and Amy Clawson. But that’s not all! Livingston Taylor (James’ “more talented” brother), John McEuen (cofounder of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band), British rocker Al Stewart, Gentry, Quattrosound, Nichole Henry, the California Guitar Trio, and the Montreal Guitar Trio have all visited our humble town of Florence. The list is impressive, and the quality of these artists are even more so.

And just because they’re not all “household names” doesn’t mean that they’re not excellent! The fact is, however, most of these artists have been household names or on their way to achieving that level of success. Year after year. Winners of regional, national, and global competitions.

What is SEAcoast Entertainment Association?

Primary among the providers of this world-class entertainment is the local all-volunteer non-profit SEAcoast Entertainment Association ( SEA has been bringing world-class music, dance, and theater to Florence for 40 years. Many of the visiting performers fill concert venues around the world. What’s more, they are every bit as good as the most famous artists of each genre.

Where Can I Go to See This Great Entertainment?

For the last 20+ of those enriching years, SEAcoast has been filling the concert hall at the fabulous Florence Events Center. (Don’t snort at that claim. The FEC’s theater—from its beginning and to today—continues to be a state-of-the-art location for sound, lights, and staging, gaining rave reviews from the globetrotting performers and their crews.)

The intimate 450-seat venue, inside the 21,000 square foot event center, was modeled after some of the world’s top venues to offer an outstanding experience. There’s not a bad seat in the house, and the acoustics allow you to hear an un-mic’d conversation on the stage from the back row.

Let’s Talk Prices

For music this good, you can’t beat the price. The SEAcoast Entertainment shows are typically less than half the price of major venues. A typical concert is only about $35. Where else can you enjoy a world-class performance in a world-class venue for under 50 bucks?

Check this year’s SEAcoast Entertainment Association’s lineup here. Also, check the Florence Events Center calendar (and to buy tickets for most events) here. Additionally, you won’t want to miss the annual Winter Music Festival in January—three days and nine acts of the best in folk, Americana, and bluegrass.

Of course, when you come to Florence for any of these performances, you’ll need a clean, cozy, comfortable, convenient place to stay. Look no further! We’ve got you covered, and we’re within walking distance (less than a mile) from the Florence Events Center! Click here to book direct through River House Inn and save!

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